Wednesday, May 25, 2011

'round and about

Calamity Farm is awash in colour.  Awash I tell ya.  Most of the blossoms are in shades of pink and purple but there are a few splashes of yellow and peach.  There are plants blooming now that haven't done a thing in 6 yrs.  It is amazing.

In other news...Hubby tilled most of the garden on Sunday and we promptly covered the tilled dirt with plastic.  Good thing too as it has poured rain ever since.  I am feeling like I will never get a garden in the ground for all the stinking rain.  I am kindling my meager spark of hope.  I have spindly sprouts to consider.


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Herein I am compiling a journal of my trials, tribulations and hopefully, triumphs as I try my hand at Hobby Farming and Sustainability.

At Little Farm the ground is hard pack clay on bedrock, surrounded by a wooded 1.75 acres. Not quite ideal growing conditions, for plants or animals.

Join me as I try to make things grow and thrive. Join me on my journey toward Sustainability.

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