Friday, September 20, 2013

Farmish Friday

There is much hubbub on the farm this a.m.  After the morning coffee (thank goodness for coffee) and a quick check in with the weather:

we are scurrying about trying to batten down the hatches in preparation for a bit of precipitation. The roof is being swept and gutters flushed. Pine needles galore are being scooped up for bedding. The garden is being plucked and weeded before the gully washer hits. And for now the big house project (the big bedroom swap and whole house shuffle) is on hold till the rain settles in. 

And in other news.

This is a shot of an All Blue Tater.  They are crisp and yummy. They loose their color when cooked and they cook fast like a red potato. They also didn't get very big. Most of the taters are about the size of plumbs. Not super impressed.

This is Miss Piggy. I love her bunches. Never in my life would I have guessed that I would love being a Pig Farmer but mercy, I like these little piggies. We have two pigs that we are raising for food, a Yorky and a Berkshire. They are eating us out of house and well ...a food budget.  We opted not to feed them scraps after doing some research on how a pigs digestive system works. We do however, feed lots of greens and wind fall apples from our own trees.We are raising these little fellers on "pasture" -bare dirt now that they have eaten all the greens. I have been really impressed with how bad they don't smell.  With the neighbors to the west of us having such a big lot of animals we have always had that tell tale barn smell, so adding in  a little pig smell wasn't terribly noticeable.  There have been a few hot-hot days when there was definitely  a piggish smell but otherwise not bad at all. 

Yesterday I picked a bunch of garden veg but have yet to weigh in. Hoping to get that done before thing get eaten. I am needing to make applesauce, dilly beans and pickles. I also have a lot of berries to escort to their final resting place of snug little freezer bags.

Off to work I go....


Paula Fraker September 20, 2013 at 11:22 AM  

Awwww.... Miss Piggy. There is no doubt, that's one cute snout! *giggle*
Don't work too hard now, ya hear? :)

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