Saturday, November 22, 2008

Death toll

Well the death toll for the fryers is now four.

We lost two on the first day. We had to kill one about a month ago due to who knows what. The poor thing just lay around for a week, getting stepped on and crusted in poop, so I made Rick kill her. Thursday morning we found another one dead in the yard. Not sure what went down. T said that he didn't check the yard when he shut them up the night before so he was unaware of a chicken still out. Any who, hen was dead but not totally rigged out yet. Her legs were stiff but her neck was still floppy. We are not sure if she just got wet in the rain and then couldn't keep warm or what. What we do know is that it wasn't a coon. We are hoping to butcher soon so as not to accidentally loose any more.

Sadly, Miriam lost her chickens to the jaws of the neighborhood thugs. A couple of dogs got in and ate all her newly replaced chickens, save one. Cuckoo Moron Rooster was the only remaining bird.

Last Sunday I took her four new birds: Rhode Island, Barred Rock, Hamburger and a Welsomer. She tells me they are super happy and she has already gotten some eggs.

Speaking of eggs: We still aren't getting any. What gives?


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