Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Growing green

Things are really starting to green up around the farm. Every day some new leaf or bud catches my attention. The pea's so tenderly planted, have begun to unfurl. The rhubarb, nursed through 2 transplants, has decided to grace the farm with it's wonderful sour fruit. Even the children have grown a couple of inches already this spring.

Today we had the strangest weather. A front that brought with it cold ocean air, rain, hail, and even bits of blue sky and sunshine. During the interim between rain and sun the children bundled up and rushed outside to ride harry-carry about the house on their bikes, throwing out behind them the most gloriously muddy rooster tails.

On Easter Sunday we awoke to such a lovely surprise. We had a new baby chick. Upon hearing of the new arrival, everyone dashed out to the hen house to greet (more like scare) the new member of our family. We are yet unsure of the origins of said chick but it has the Langshan's feathered legs. This really doesn't mean much, since our rooster is a Langshan. Must take another look at the Punnet Squares we made up during our Biology lessons.

We also have another new member: Speckles. Speckles is our new Rex bunny. As Speckles is still too small to leave his brothers he is currently enjoying the suite life...Farm Suite, that is. It is a veritable zany-zoo in Farm Suiteville, where any given day one might find several bunnies running amok in the den. Must get hubby to build Speckles a house and quick!

Not much going on in the way of garden planting but, have managed to do a lot of daydreaming. Have also been daydreaming of Spring Cleaning; how nice it would be to have the house aired out and freshly scrubbed. Still waiting for my wrist to heal enough that I can actually maneuver the scrubbing and planting, so I guess daydreaming is not a bad route to take....for now.

Speaking of my wrist; its in need of a typing break.


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Herein I am compiling a journal of my trials, tribulations and hopefully, triumphs as I try my hand at Hobby Farming and Sustainability.

At Little Farm the ground is hard pack clay on bedrock, surrounded by a wooded 1.75 acres. Not quite ideal growing conditions, for plants or animals.

Join me as I try to make things grow and thrive. Join me on my journey toward Sustainability.

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