Saturday, March 12, 2011

Seeds: Part 1

They came! The seeds that is. Well part of them anyway. No explanation as to why only part of them came.  The remaining seeds should arrive by Sunday we are told.  In other words they better  be in the post today or I will cry.  I can't wait to get my seeds started.  The only seeds I received that can be started right away were a few of the tomatoes.  I will get those started later today, hopefully.

Yesterday we had gorgeous, sunny weather thanks to the tsunami. So, I worked out in the green house for part of the afternoon.  I cleaned up the chicks cage a bit. Moved plants and watered things. In general just puttered. I did find that I had some more starting trays stashed out there and washed those up. I also discovered that some of the animal feeders I have stored out there were broken and will have to be replaced as needed.  Another grand discovery was: a couple of the outside hose bibs have cracked and were spraying water everywhere and the hose that gets left out all winter for animal watering purposes is toasted.

All of the seeds I started on 3-5 have popped up save for the peppers. Not sure if its just slow to germ or bad seed.

Got our first round of fresh milk this week. I am in heaven.  It has been so long. Can't wait to start some yogurt and make some cheese.


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